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Understanding and interpreting regulation can be a complex and often daunting task. One of the big advantages of having a professional health and safety advisor is that they have the skills to absorb regulation and communicate what needs to be done in a concise practical way.

Our online safety management service, written in plain English, is designed to help you quickly and concisely through the maze of Health and Safety Legislation.

By following 4 steps you can ensure not only compliance but also an audit trail to support your systems and provide proof of compliance to health and safety officials and insurers.

  • Step 1 – Take the ‘Self assessment’ and find where you are today with your health and safety practices. Our Assessment will help focus on issues important to insurers. Companies using this system will be able to demonstrate their health and safety compliance to others.
  • Step 2 – Record your findings such as policies and risk assessment in the ‘Document Management System’. Here you can back up and store all your Health and Safety documentation and create a company Safety File.
  • Step 3. - Visit our ‘Management Section’ and introduce a management system that can reduce the risk of accidents, litigation and downtime.
  • Step 4. – If you have specific issues to resolve you can email questions or queries to our panel of resident experts. Whatever the issue we guarantee that we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours. It really is like having your own full time Safety Consultant.

What does it cost?

An annual subscription to the service cost just £250.00+VAT, less than £5 a week.
You can pay by credit card, for instant access, or pay by cheque for delayed access.

How do I get it?

Simply click here to register and pay in two minutes – you will soon be able to comply and better protect your business, your people and your profits.