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User Guide - Getting Started:

Click on the Secure LogIn button on the left hand side of the page.

Enter your unique username & password and click on Log In

Once inside the Members Area, you can make use of the various helpful features of this service.

Legislation Updates:

In this update section, our aim is to give you breaking news and alert you to the demands of recent and frequently changing legislation. We will feature new compliances, revised advice and deadlines, and keep you up to speed with the very latest H & S thinking.

Notification of news and updates will be automatically sent to you by email to the address that you specified during your registration.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire:

If you wish to audit your current Health & Safety procedures, then begin the H&S Questionnaire and follow the simple instructions (this is your legally required overall risk assessment of your workplace, and will help you to understand what problems you have & how to remedy them)

Follow the questionnaire process step by step, printing out and reading all the information before you give your answer at the bottom.

There are around 25 important questions that you need to understand and answer. Once you have completed all these, you will be able to print an action plan and “To Do list” of all the things you need to do to improve workplace safety and achieve compliance with the law.

Ask the Expert service:

Our “Ask the Expert” feature provides you with direct access to a Risk Management Consultant who would be happy to provide guidance on any risk management related concern or issue that you have, within a 24 hour service level guarantee.

Please keep any documentation that you use the site to produce (e.g. risk assessments, checklists) safe and together for future reference. They will help to defend you against prosecution or claims, and help protect your business.

Industry Specific Risk Management Guidance:

Within the Industry Areas page, there will be relevant guidance and assessment forms for you to read/download/use when managing safety in each of the industry related areas (Office, Construction, Motor Vehicle Repair, Haulage, Catering – more are planned).

You can access further and more detailed individual guidance and knowledge from the page menu by clicking on the area graphic on the right hand side

Key Health & Safety Issues:

This section has been produced to help you and your staff understand and conform to basic but mandatory health and safety requirements / regulations.

We are not going to try and convince you that complying with health and safety law is simple because it is not, but we have attempted to make the process as uncomplicated and as straightforward as possible.

Complying with Health & Safety Law in all its guises is not an option, but a demand of law. Ignorance in a court of law is not a defence.

Management Section:

Continuing on the theme of Health & Safety being a journey not a destination we will feature here ideas and procedures to help maintain and improve the health, safety and welfare of your workplace.

Structured to allow easy use and reference the section allows the user to focus in on areas of particular interest, learn more about the subject and then integrate with other member areas.

Records, Register and Forms to Download:

Visit the Download Areas to access the different records, registers, forms and guidance documents to help you record your risk management and create an audit trail. If you cannot see the information or form you require, please email us through Ask the Expert for further assistance.

Ensure that these documents are completed accurately, signed and dated - they should serve to protect you against claims and prosecution should the worst occur.

Your membership:

Regular and good use of the service should enable you to effectively manage your risks and enjoy a safer and more productive working environment.

It should also help to protect your assets, reduce accidents, give you greater peace of mind and enhance your ability to mitigate rising commercial insurance costs. Talk to your insurance broker or insurer about how you use the service before your next renewal – it may help you obtain better terms or prices.

If you have any feedback or enquiries about using this service, or require further assistance, then please email us at